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How To Prepare Russian Steaks Easily

How to prepare Russian steaks easily: presentation

Russian steaks are a recipe of the easiest and most traditional. In fact, the Russian steaks are not steaks, but a preparation of well-seasoned minced meat, which is seasoned with egg, breadcrumbs and garlic and parsley. The versions are multiple because each one spices the recipe to your liking. It is a version of meatball in fillet format. Sure if you like meatballs, they will love to eat these Russian steaks.

This recipe is very easy and I dare say you already know it. Perhaps what interests you most is to see what are the proportions of the ingredients that are used because generally this recipe is made by eye. Those who cook usually have already calculated, without needing to weigh anything, but those who start in this exciting world of cooking are somewhat lost when they pass a recipe where they tell you add bread that admits to you. What a problem! If you admit, admit what you throw and, of course, they have already killed you. So that there is no doubt, I have weighed and measured all the quantities so that preparing these Russian steaks is a matter of mixing, shaping, frying and serving. I hope you like them.


  • 250 g of minced pork or beef
  • 1 egg
  • 50 ml milk
  • 50 g of breadcrumbs
  • Flour to batter
  • 2 garlic (optional parsley)
  • Olive oil, sa

How To Prepare Russian Steaks EasilyHow to prepare Russian steaks easily: recipe preparation

They are prepared just like homemade meatballs (recipe here) , but with some small difference. Introduce in a bowl the meat, the crushed garlic, the egg, the milk, the breadcrumbs and season with the corresponding salt. Mix well with a fork to integrate all ingredients into the dough. Let it sit about 15 minutes for the bread to permeate well.

Form dough balls of the size you prefer and place them on top of the flour. Crush each ball and shape it into a fillet or hamburger by dipping it into flour on both sides. Fry each steak in abundant oil. If you make them very thick, moderate the temperature of the fire to make them well inside. Serve them with the garnish that you like. If you present them with a bit of salad and chips you have a unique dish of the most complete

Tricks and tips:

You can use to make more quantity and leave them frozen. I distribute them in a tray on transparent film and store them in the freezer. Once frozen, I put them in a bag and so I have them separated and occupy less space. When I take it out to fry them, I put them in the pan over medium heat so that they thaw at the same time as the cold ones.

As you may have seen, this recipe does not carry parsley. I like it better with a little chopped parsley, but I have a little one at home who does not want to see it, so let’s go to the practical and I will not wear it. You choose.

You can use to make Russian meatballs and steaks when you prepare this dough. When I make Russian steaks, I put a little more meat on it, but the dough is the same.

If you prepare the thickest steaks, the meat will be much juicier.

You can prepare dishes combined with these Russian steaks combined with croquettes, dumplings, eggs, fritters, bacon, sausages, chips or   omelet and some salad or salad. You will see how rich!

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