May 15

3 Tips To Change Your Bad Habits

Sometimes we are so aware of not being able to get what we want, that we choose to stay installed in our harmful but comfortable routines.

A woman told me this week that she had decided so many times to diet after Christmas, that she no longer took it seriously and seemed resigned to failure.

It is a pity that we take so many false steps and at this time of year, it would make sense to ask how we can solve it. We lose confidence in ourselves and we have to bear the physical and psychological consequences of not being able to get those good habits that would either help us to prevent diseases, have a better quality of life or just look more handsome.

So if this year you want to achieve real changes to your health through healthy changes, take a few minutes and investigate these three steps:

1. Identify your saboteurs

There is a part of you that does not consider you able to get where you want, simply because it has accommodated to the idea of ​​remaining as you are. In the end, even if it does not satisfy us, it is comfortable like that, there are no risks and it cannot be lost. What can we do? We could choose between: justify it, ignore it or understand it.

For me the risk of justifying that well-off party that does not trust one is to risk abandoning the first change. Ignoring it is not the best thing, because sooner or later it will catch us unawares. The guideline that works is to inquire about that fear of change, to connect with the profits and to challenge him to leave with the best tools.

3 Tips To Change Your Bad Habits2. Discover the triggers of your bad habits

What situations lead you to reproduce the bad habit you want to change? For example; it may be for smoking to have a coffee after eating, or to drink alcohol, to get home and sit on the sofa, or to eat chocolate with people who stress you, etc. By identifying them, you can avoid or modify them to make it easier for you to move forward in your change.

One of the great practices that exist in all spiritual traditions is to learn to stimulate the mind in a positive way. Visualization and affirmations are powerful methods for changing thinking patterns.

Imagine what change you can make before the usual saboteur surprises you. Our mind responds to very ingrained patterns and can harm us by anticipating unrealistic suffering or dislikes, without letting ourselves be changed.

And as a third advice, something fundamental:

3.  Renew your commitment periodically!!

Whether it’s exercising, taking things calmer or eating better, anything you want to change in your routines will need to be periodically reviewed to consolidate and produce the affects you want.

Do you want to make positive changes in your health and do not know where to start?

In the course of changing habits a health expert coach will design with you strategies to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from achieving it, and will actively monitor your progress while being attentive to the achievements so that they become evident and lasting.

A coaching process aims to help people take the reins of their health to improve or take it to a higher level effectively.

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