May 11

How Stress Can Affect Your Health

Day by day in my sessions I encounter stressed people. It is a stress in which we should not defend ourselves as our ancestors. They do not flee from any animal that lurks or need to run away, but internally it continues activating in them that feeling of flight or paralysis.

And is it that we are truly aware of how stress can affect our lives and rob us of our health?

Stress maintained over time steals vital energy. This lack of energy causes the cells of the body to weaken and also the immune system, which by not having enough energy cannot do the job of protecting us, eliminate dead cells and toxins, which can cause inflammatory diseases and even tumors.

Stress can also strain the nervous system by generating contractions of the stomach and making it difficult to digest food. It also affects breathing. By not breathing well and deeply the body does not receive enough oxygen producing damages to the cells as they lack nutrients and becoming dehydrated.

This is what Gisella Torrella, a health educator at the Hippocrates Health Institute, who defines 3 types of stress, which may appear alone or in combination:

How Stress Can Affect Your HealthMental stress in which images, sounds and disturbing thoughts accumulate in the mind. This way of thinking can overwhelm the person by generating a series of fears or phobias, and influence their memory, attention and decision making deteriorating their performance.

Physical stress:  Physical activities that lead to fatigue, such as poor sleep, poor eating habits, malnutrition, working under pressure, being exposed to toxins such as additives, caffeine, nicotine, air pollution, etc. In addition, this type of stress increases unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and overeating, sleeping poorly or poorly, etc.

 Emotional stress:  Derived from excessive worry, low self-esteem, poor relationships at work or love affairs, difficult events and negative thoughts, among others. All this affects balanced emotionality. As an example of emotional impact, one minute of anger can weaken the immune system for 6 hours while laughter increases it for 24 hours.

The continuous emotional and mental stress is silent and can cause up to 80% of diseases.

Negative emotions depress the immune system which is our first line of defense against infections, germs and bacteria. Surely you remember that time of stress in which you fell with more gripes, headaches, contractures or anxiety.

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Some of the main characteristic emotions of stress are irritability, sadness and fear. So if you want to reduce the stress and pessimism that it entails, it seems fundamental to know them and know how to channel them.

As adults it would be good to take control, prevent health problems and take care of our emotions. Identify the causes of stress and be aware of how it affects us to give a healthy response.

To investigate these problems, the best way to act is through your own self-knowledge. Now you can do it in the workshop of healthy emotions to be held on March 22 in Madrid or in any of the talks that will be given this week

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