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Did You Know That Cats Can Lengthen Our Lives?

People who have cats in their homes probably already knew it, but now the science has faith in it. It has been found that the interaction between animals and men is very good for mental and physical health. And specifically, cats. Yes, you are reading well, having a cat is proven to reduce anxiety and stress and helps you find the right psychological and emotional balance when combined with normal traditional treatments. Well, that alone does not serve as anti-stress antidote if we are in an acute phase but it does boost the effects of treatments and prevents us recur frequently or even appear.

There are people who are not just very fond of cats so they go to their ball; they are solitary, opportunistic animals (according to some say). Although on the other hand they are peaceful, communicative and curious. But despite its apparent independence, it is always looking for people to give them some caresses and to share habits and moments together.

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Numerous scientific researchers have been done on the behavior of cats and the effects of their presence on humans. And after many years it has been proven that we can benefit greatly from its presence, especially the smallest of the family and the elderly. The fact of caressing their fur, feeling the vibrations created by the physical contact and the sounds emitted for the cats, or the simple act of playing with them (which they often ask for often), are the small things that serve to promote well-being of people.

Let’s see what are the benefits of the study

Halve the risk of allergies

Research published in the American Medical Association by the Medical College of Georgia has shown that those living with two or more cats halved the risk of developing allergies. And what does one thing have to do with another? It turns out that in the mouth of the felines there are the presences of some substances that have a protective effect for the human being against foreign substances. In addition, another study carried out in Kuopio, Finland, for 12 months and involving 400 children under one year of age, found that children living in contact with these four-legged animals reduced the possibility of contracting Respiratory diseases such as cough, wheezing and allergic rhinitis and even hearing problems.

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Reduces the risk of heart disease

Caring for a cat decreases the stress level and, in the long run, has a calming effect that protects the health of the heart. A study by the American Journal of Cardiology found that people who have cats show a higher survival rate than people who do not have, can live a year. Well, it is not much more but it is one more year for those who want to live it. Again, this benefit comes from caressing the kittens and hearing their purr.

In fact, caressing cats produces a vasodilatory action that contributes to cardiac relaxation. Some experts have even claimed that the presence of cats at home reduces the risk of stroke.

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It takes us away from depression and improves the mood

Purring is a unique and characteristic feature of cats, which is associated with a sound and a vibration. Each time we pet a cat it purrs, which means that it feels safe and happy. Although scientists have not yet discovered the way they occur, recent studies have found that the frequency of cat purr is very similar to the Hertz that are used in certain therapies such as bone healing after a fracture. According to several studies, the sound and vibration produced by purring has different effects on the person as a soothing and reassuring power, but it has also been shown that:

  • Make people who are depressed smile, especially children.
  • It stimulates the sociability of shy people.
  • Stops violent impulses.
  • It relaxes nervous people.
  • It helps to restore the ludic aspect of life.
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  • Strengthens children’s immune system

Children who spend a lot of time in the company of a cat (or other animal) grow more protected not only from allergies to animal hair, but also to mites, ragweed and grass. Several studies have determined that it is important that the child spend the first year of life in contact with a pet. This will not only make you more responsible, sociable and communicative, but will strengthen your immune system, becoming less prone to infections.

Improve sleep

Many of the people who have cats in Africa sleep much better and have a deeper sleep when they have their cat around. A study published in the journal Mayo Clinical Proceedings seems to reinforce this belief, stating that the presence of these cats guarantees a more serene and peaceful sleep.

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