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The green coffee is good for weight loss

Today, everywhere you can see the advertisements that have awesome tool for weight loss – namely, the green coffee. But where it came from, how it helps and what is it all? Health Blog tries to uncover all the secrets of this drink.

So, what is green coffee is good for weight loss?

American scientists in 2012 published the results of one experiment, where the “experimental” were people with excess weight. Since volunteers were in a period of several weeks, green coffee extract, leading to a large weight loss. And since this drink almost every day increased, but to buy this miracle – the coffee being especially is quite difficult: it is firstly expensive and secondly trading places which are engaged in its realization is almost on the fingers. If only the internet to order and it is unknown when it reaches you.

green coffeeTo understand more precisely, the green coffee is a common natural coffee, not roasted and raw. The seeds of the coffee prior to treatment contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants, although its greatest advantage in that it has an enormous amount of chlorogenic acid, which helps to reduce the absorption of glucose and fat in the gut, thereby leading to weight loss. Chlorogenic acid promotes good and reduce insulin, which leads to acceleration of the metabolism, that is, fat stores, which are in the body, are converted into energy. But at higher temperatures the acid in the coffee beans and is destroyed in a black coffee it contains very little.

Green coffee contains than black less caffeine. A chlorogenic acid together with caffeine helps to further cleavage and destruction of fat, they also reduce appetite. So you just before a meal to drink a cup of green coffee, and then eat less than usual for your food portions.

Experiment by American scientists showed that the weight loss process more efficient will take place if we combine green coffee intake with physical activity, as the fat begins to more actively converted into energy when consumed regularly.

Studies have shown the way that chlorogenic acid and caffeine contained twice in robusta than arabica. All this together gives the drink a bitter, astringent  taste and better impact on weight loss. So the advice to those who want to buy green coffee for weight loss should pay attention primarily on the variety of coffee used, and what percentage of chlorogenic acid.

In general – it does not matter what grade, green coffee beans are rich in purine alkaloids and tannins that enhance the overall tone, mood lifted, and this is very important for dieters.

To prepare the drink is very simple, as well as black coffee. The grains can be ground in a coffee grinder and brew in a French-press coffee maker or Turk, as you like. But it is worth considering the fact that the usual pleasant aroma from green drink will not because he only appears in the roasted beans, but he gains an unusual herb flavor.

On the day it is best to take no more than three cups of food to about 15 minutes. Milk and sugar in a drink is not necessary to add, but the spices and honey will be useful, giving the coffee taste. By the way, and do not throw away the thick, for the money that buy green beans, it is useful for the preparation of a scrub at home, as well as for coffee packs.

For weight loss, you can use not only the grain, but also has a ready extract is sold in capsules and tea bags for brewing. Such products are  mainly produced in the United States, while in the production of green coffee has been the most famous brand “Turboslim”, its value is more accessible to the ordinary citizen. Grains themselves active extracts, as they represent the concentrate biological active substances they contain in addition a green coffee has other components that help to lose weight.

Just like black coffee green has its contraindications, and therefore it is not necessary to abuse them. To not have to throw them to revel in a couple of kilos. Green drink is contraindicated in pregnant and nursing mothers, those who suffer from atherosclerosis and high blood pressure, who have problems with  cardiovascular system. Also caution should apply to drink who have problems with the thyroid gland and the gastrointestinal tract. In general, drink this coffee for weight loss need to consult their doctor.

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