Jan 04

How to help your child learn to perfect?

It has long been time of new beginnings come, pencils, erasers and setting home on the themes seem to you parents already ancient history.

But although you have all gone, do not leave without attention to their child, and therefore need to help him to become great in your study.

child learn to perfectMix of knowledge

To devote one monotonous boring lessons for an hour, it is necessary to add a little variety in the educational process. For example, when learning a foreign language with the child, break hour teachings into three parts: 20 minutes to devote to reading, another 20 minutes learning new words, and the last minutes of the conversation. Ask what effect here? Child, facing in different guises with the material, become better and remember to take it, as he activated different parts of the brain are responsible for different actions. But the monotony starts to strain, waft boredom and is known boredom is the main enemy of the teachings.

Spaced repetition

We must remember parents, the child can write well control or pass the test after a night of cramming, but this knowledge will disappear as quickly as they were received. In order for a long time that – remember that it is necessary to force the brain to constantly repeat information. Here, the key point is a kind of “game”: to give information to the brain to forget, then remember again and again forget to remember. “Repetition – the mother of learning” So repetition of half-forgotten knowledge can help secure them in the memory for a long time. Experiment with 5 – graders showed that mimic children once a week, new languages, they are best remembered, as compared with those of their crammed into each day.

Give sleep memory

If you are after the next video lectures on astronomy eyes from sleepiness stick together, then just go to sleep. As researchers found after receiving the knowledge good night’s sleep, as well as courage to give a useful memory. That’s why this is another reason to help little “jamming” to finish before bedtime homework.

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