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5 reasons for bleeding gums

At first glance it is not too serious problem, which is associated with bleeding gums, is in fact a big nuisance, because except for the health hazards, it is the smell of bad breath, which brings a lot of discomfort during intercourse.

But why the gums may bleed? Let’s understand this.

Improper dental hygiene

Most people, unfortunately, choose toothpaste “the smell”, and toothbrushes “beauty” – is actually a negligent attitude to himself, to health. Too rigid tooth brush is able to damage the integrity of the gums, and incorrectly picked up the thread tooth and the incorrect use of her gums cut. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate hygiene items and use them individually, rather than all the “courtyard”.

bleeding gumsIf too lazy to go to the dentist for advice on the choice of toothpaste and brush, then coming to the pharmacy, though, you decide that you need to study and recommendations on the package. For example if you want to lighten the tooth enamel, choose the appropriate toothpaste with whitening effect, brush on a specified “whitening”, a mouthwash and tooth thread with polishing effect.

Stone tooth

The most common reason that bleeding gums – this tartar. At the base of the teeth, millions of microorganisms accumulate – the bacteria that create raids and seal separating the gum from the tooth so formed bleeding gap. At the same time, and decay occurs, and therefore should be treated.Here again – still to avoid this, it is necessary to choose the right dental hygiene, and at least once a year to remove plaque from teeth visit a dentist.

Changes in hormonal levels

Our hormonal changes at different periods of life, reflected also in the oral cavity. For example, pregnant, give birth recently, women and adolescents suffer bleeding gums, that is, the category in which the unstable hormones. Therefore, if the problem with the gums associated with the “inner world” of the body, then it is necessary to turn to professionals such as a gynecologist or endocrinologist that stabilize the overall hormonal balance.

Lack of vitamins

The greatest value for periodontal health plays a role of vitamin C is its shortage leads to bleeding gums. Therefore, the more lemons with pulp, fruit, horseradish, sauerkraut and askorbinki you consume the better.

Diseases of the whole organism

The above reasons for the problems with the gums are just the most common. If you own by following the recommendations of the dentist not get rid of the problem, then you have to go to a physician for examination. Bleeding gums can be a long time to talk about the presence of diabetes, hemophilia, leukemia, the result of a long reception of medicines and signal other serious irregularities in the body’s health.

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